Monday, December 31, 2012

Art of 2012

I grew my own Japanese Indigo, which was difficult! The baby seedlings are SO fragile and delicate I killed a bunch before I learned how to care for them properly. Then, once they were strong enough to make it outside I planted them in pots and beds all around the yard. Some of them died after that too since it was too hot and dry where I had them.

 These plants on the north side of our house were the happiest! They were out of the midday killer heat, but got some sunshine after 4pm. Some plants on the east side did fine too, morning sun that's gone after about 12 or 1pm.

I used the indigo to dye some yarn for this year's Art Farm show in October.
It takes a lot of leaves to make a small amount of color so I couldn't dye the whole hat, just some added stripes of blue indigo.

Also in October my cousin got married and I made a tree guest book for them. I don't have a picture of after everyone put a fingerprint leaf on the tree and signed their name.

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